Rehearsal Post / by Keen Admin

One of our amazing actors, Jay Russell, has been blogging about his experiences in the rehearsal room for Travels With My Aunt. Be sure to check back often to see how the show is coming along and to hear all of the behind the scenes action.

Friday September 18th, 2015

             The adventure begins! Well, I suppose it has begun. We are in the third week of rehearsals for Travels with My Aunt at the Keen Company and I, your travel guide Jay Russell, am going to share with you some of the ride.

I am thrilled to be a part of this journey putting on this lovely play of Graham Greene’s beautiful novel adapted by playwright Giles Havergal. I am sharing this ride with director & Keen Company artistic director Jonathan Silverstein and an extraordinarily talented group of designers, stage managers and actors. 

Just as the travels in the play are full of surprises and twists and turns, so is our journey so far.  This week we learned that one of the actors has had to exit the production due to a conflict. We now happily add a new member to our Travels family.  Along with the gifted actors Thomas Jay Ryan & Daniel Jenkins, we now add Rory Kulz to the team!  As one door closes…another door opens!

The rehearsal room so far has been full of much hard work as well as a great deal of laughter and playfulness- a very creative and collaborative atmosphere to work in.  

Travels With My Aunt is an extremely unique theatrical piece. Having done many plays in my career where I play multiple characters (The Mystery of Irma Vep, Around the World in 80 Days, Fully Committed, etc..)that aspect of the play is somewhat familiar to me. In Travels four actors play 25 characters.

However, what makes this play so unique is that we not only play all the various characters WITHOUT the benefit of costume & wig changes, all four of us play the lead character of Henry Pulling.  Yes, you heard that right- We ALL play the same character and throughout the evening we trade off and tag team playing this role. Unlike any other play I can think of the four of us really have to work together with incredible sync and generosity as we bring Henry Pulling to life.  This makes for a true celebration of all things theatrical, as this is something that really could only happen onstage. 

There is so much more to talk about- the play, the characters, the design, and all that has gone on so far in the rehearsal room -  but I am going to sign off on this first entry now. Trust me that a lot of fun awaits. We all are so excited to share this play with the Keen Company audience & I look forward to sharing more behind the scenes adventures with you in the weeks to come!  Stay tuned. 

Ciao for now,