Sweet 16 Countdown: Day 7 / by Keen Admin

16 of our favorite & most popular Keen Teens plays

1. Aliens vs. Cheerleaders by Qui Nguyen

2. Why Aren't You Dead Already by Halley Fieffer

3. Firebirds by Liz Flahive

4. Drama Geeks vs. Zombie Cheerleaders by Kathryn Walat

5. Going Left by Kristoffer Diaz

6. A Polar Bear In New Jersey by Anna Moench

7. Wayward Loafers of Gooseberry High by Michael Mitnick

8. Syd Arthur by Kenny Finkle

9. To Know Know Know Me by Courtney Baron

10. Freak by Naomi Iizuka and Ryan Pavelchik

11. The Southridge High School Forensics Team Presents Assorted Tales of Robin Hood by Jason Grote

12. The Lost Girl, or First Chair by Lauren Yee

13. Flip Turn by Madeleine George

14. Nowhere in America by Bathsheba Doran

15. The Flip Side by Jenny Schwartz

16. The Boring-est Poem in the World by Greg Kotis

Keep an eye out for some of these playwrights as they have some shows that are currently in production.