On the eve of first rehearsal... / by Keen Admin

FULL DISCLOSURE: It's the night before our first rehearsal. As the director of said show I am on edge. Like many directors, I am always nervous as we approach that first day. So, as I tell my collaborators, think of me with my “Artistic Director hat” on for this post!

A few words of praise from our production of Tick, Tick...BOOM!

It’s an exciting time at Keen as we get ready to start on the second play in our season, Courtney Baron’s When It’s You.

If it feels like yesterday we closed our first show, Jonathan Larson’s Tick, Tick…BOOM!, well, it almost was. TTB extended and ran for 11 weeks total -- and closed before Christmas. Most Keen shows run 7 weeks and close a week or so before Thanksgiving. Tick, Tick…BOOM! also played in a house twice the size of our regular theatre. 100% more seats and almost 50% more of a run? All of us in the office felt like we were running a huge commercial venture. It was thrilling to bring Larson’s story to so many people for such a long time.

Now we’re back to our regularly sized theatre and there are other things we’re excited about: the first new play developed at home, going from our Playwright’s Lab to stage; our first one-woman play; and the first Keen play to deal with a truly up to the minute issue that is effecting our country, gun violence.

There have already been 5,349 incidents of gun vioelnce since January 1st.

There have already been 5,349 incidents of gun vioelnce since January 1st.

Like Tick, Tick…BOOM!, When It’s You is a deeply personal play. While Jonathan in Tick,
delved into issues so many artists (and, indeed, anyone who has had a dream)
face, Ginnifer in When It’s You faces another challenge many of us can relate to: how do events
that hit close to home affect us – and are we able to change because of them?

So many of us are grappling with the change that is roiling our country. While of course we’re rightly concerned about the practical changes in politics and our world, how will these monumental times affect our make up? Will we find meaning? Can we change?

As I wear my “Artistic Director" hat, I look forward to exploring these important questions with you come February. As I prepare to put on my “Director hat” for tomorrow I feel privileged and humbled to be able to explore these truly human questions.

-Jonathan Silverstein