Keen Identity by Keen Admin

Have you ever thought about makes you who you are? I do. Sometimes I find myself reacting to one issue and think “Oh! That was so my mother there.” And another thinking “That is my director side coming out.” We all become a unique combination of so many disparate people and experiences, yet I often wonder how and when those patterns get set - and, indeed, when they do, can we change those those patterns? Can we ever truly transform ourselves?

This season Keen shines a light on these questions of identity.

Artistic Director Jonathan Silverstein speaks about Keen Company's Identity and the theme of Identity within Keen.

Graham Greene’s Travels with my Aunt follows meek Henry Pulling as he discovers who he was meant to be.  In this adaptation all four actors will play our protagonist Henry - as well as the many other characters he meets on his journeys - theatrically (and hilariously) giving the theme of identity a new prism in which to demonstrate the people we meet along the way in life help make up the person we become.

In Anna Ziegler’s Boy, the question of identity is more specifically focused on gender: is gender identity something we are born with or can it be changed? The play, based on a true story, casts a specific light on the period in which the story occurred (late 60’s through the early 80’s) as we see one family’s challenging journey, yet artfully broadens the questions of our selfhood to speak to all of us in our modern times.

We look forward to sharing more about identity with you in the weeks and months ahead as we explore these plays. In the coming weeks, look for more discussions of identity, which I very much hope you will join in on.

-Jonathan Silverstein