Prize Drawing! by Keen Admin

At the beginning of January, we asked all our email subscribers to update their preferences. We don't want to clutter your inbox. We want to communicate with you - in the way you prefer, about the things you prefer. And by updating preferences, we can streamline the conversation.

Everyone who submitted updates were entered into a drawing and today we're announcing the big winners!


Each of the 200 entries were numbered, four numbers were randomly selected, and then prizes were drawn right in front of your eyes!

Jeannie won the John & Jen Cast Album!
Mo won the Keen Teens Volume 1 & Volume 2!
Mark won 2 tickets to Boy running February 23rd to April 9th!
Toni won the Marry Me a Little Cast Album!

All winners will be contacted separately to claim their prizes.

Thank you to everyone who helped us communicate just a little bit better!

Still want to update your preferences? You can do so anytime here.