Please join us for the first public reading of three new plays, developed through the Keen Playwrights Lab.

The 2017 Playwrights Lab features playwrights:


Tickets are FREE and all are invited to attend! Space is limited, so please reserve your seat.

All plays will be presented at the Alliance for Resident Theater Company’s space at 520 8th Avenue, the Bruce Mitchell Room on the 3rd Floor.

Tiny Houses
by Stefanie Zadravec

Monday December 11 @ 4pm
Bruce Mitchell Room, ART/NY

On July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 was shot down over a tiny, war-torn village in Eastern Ukraine. Bodies and objects alike become fodder for those trying to escape the circumstances in which they were born. Tiny Houses is a comic riff on Pandora’s Box that explores the ripple effect of an act of war on several women who suddenly realize they can disrupt the status quo.


Idiopathic Toewalker
by Julia Jordan

Tuesday December 12th

A play about trying to write a play based on one's family's deep dark secret without hurting anybody, alternative medicine and alternative facts.


by Andrea Thome

Wednesday December 13th

Purgatorio explores migrations and journeys between worlds, nations and peoples, and the space between life and death. It’s influenced by migration tales (of children coming from Central America, of refugees on boats), by childhood poms, and by the journeys through the underworld and paradise in Dante’s Purgatorio and Mohammed’s Night Journey (which inspired Dante). In this play, purgatory is a place of migrants, trying to make their way through a dangerous limbo that holds many layers of history, crossings, and buried stories.