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Hi, there! Thanks for visiting my site!

My name’s Warren. I’m 23 years old, and am about a year into my New York City journey!

Along the way, I’ve met some interesting characters. One of them is a very influential, downtown artist. His work has even been featured in the New York Times!

I’ve been working as his ambassador during his, shall we say, unanticipated absence, and am happy to share some of my favorite pieces of his with you!

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It’s never a bad thing to remind yourself, in the midst of this city’s hustle and bustle, to keep a smile on your face!

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I’ve got loads of dreams! In this city, it’s nice to tell myself that more buildings doesn’t mean less dreams!

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I was on the cross country team in high school…so, I FEEL this girl!

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Sometimes it’s fun to think of ourselves as small stars, all hovering around the same planet—so, I try to never let anyone put out my brightness!

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Funny enough, this is my favorite one to give to people—I just hope they don’t think that I’m one of their obstacles!

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There’s no feeling better than your friend putting their arm around you and telling you that it’ll be Okay!

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Ain’t that the truth!

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I like this one because in this town, I really feel like I’ve failed a whole lot!

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I’ve learned to appreciate this one as my journey continues—just as I’ve learned to appreciate the journey itself!

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A little every day wisdom to get you through every beautiful, ordinary day!

All flyer art by Prop Supervisor, Addison Heeren